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Registered Office Chorley:
Conway House
Ackhurst Business Park
Foxhole Road
United Kingdom

Branch Office Rochdale:


The Old Police Station

22 Hind Hill Street



OL10 1AQ

United Kingdom

Phone: (01706) 362276

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Office Hours:
9.00am - 5pm
Monday to Friday

Link-ability are a preferred provider with Lancashire Learning Disability Adult and Community Services Directorate

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Founded in 1989, Linkability provides care and support services to people experiencing learning disabilities living the Chorley, South Ribble, Rochdale and Heywood areas.

The Board of Trustees is presently made up of people with a variety of backgrounds, skills and abilities. For example, Social Workers, Lecturers, Retired Council Managers and people working in the Care Sector.

Linkability has 8 Trustees currently and can have up to 12 in number.

Having up to very recently reviewed the need for succession planning of Trustees, Linkability is keen to recruit two Trustees who are Parent/Carers or advocates for someone with learning disabilities. It is particularly concerned to recruit a Trustee living in or around Rochdale, Oldham, Bury or Middleton.

Under legislation governing Charities, Trustees cannot be paid, but we can offer expenses covering travel and other costs to attend meetings.

For informal discussion on the role of Trustee and our Trustee recruitment policy, please either phone or e-mail David Naden, Executive Director at our Chorley office using the information above.

Linkability Charity Limited (Registration Number 701132)

Online Job Application Form

For more information on any of the jobs advertised on the website, contact us.

If you would like to make your job application by post, go to the downloads page and print copies of the forms and information available as PDFs. Read these, print copies and complete the forms that need to be included with your application form and send to the office address.

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