Get Together Group’s Visit to Jodrell Bank

The ‘Get Together Group’ planned a day out to the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Some family members were invited to attend the day out.

The group all met in the car park and then made their way to the entrance where Debra and Laura paid for the group. The group split up and people went in different directions.

The “Mark 1” telescope, now known as the Lovell Telescope is the third largest in the world. The Telescope is visible from all areas of the observatory.

The group took part in both the indoor and outdoor activities. The indoor activity room was very interesting as there were a lot of activities to take part in. Dennis enjoyed watching the film being played on the screen. Linda and Julie enjoyed taking part in researching the Galaxy on a digital touch screen.

Stuart and Sarah enjoyed the lights in the activity room and the walk around the garden area. Laura enjoyed talking into the small telescope to someone on the other side of the observatory. The group had a walk around the gardens and also went to the park area.

For lunch some of the group went in the café while others enjoyed their homemade sandwiches in the sunshine. The weather was really good which gave people a chance to walk around the gardens twice and study the information about the different trees that had been planted over the years since the observatory opened.