Driving up Quality

It is some time since the terrible abuse of people with learning disabilities who lived at Winterbourne View and the introduction of The Driving up Quality Code.

At Linkability we have tried really hard to be part of this by holding events for the past two years. The first in 2015 and then again last year in 2016. This is because we want to make sure that we support you in the best way we possibly can. We want to make sure that all the people who work and volunteer here are the right people. They need to be passionate about what they do, be well trained and guided to support you in the way you want and need to be supported to have happy, meaningful lives in the way you have chosen.

This year we have planned events for all of our locations on these dates:

17th May 2017           Chorley

25 May 2017             ST Mary’s Gate

13th June 2017         Rochdale

14th June 2017         West Lancashire

We are excited to have made our theme for this year ‘Afternoon Tea’ we hope this will help us to engage with everyone who is involved with and supported by Linkability whatever their ability as we creatively plan our events, bake and cook for them and make our special bunting and other decorations. There will be a serious side to what we do during the events of course while we take a look at how we have progressed with the things you told us about last year and plan what we need to do to make sure our services improve and continue in the way you want them to.

Jo Adshead, Executive Director

You can see our plans in the downloads section of this website.

Driving Up Quality Website