Personalised Care and Support in the Lancashire and Rochdale Communities

Welcome to Linkability

Linkability is a registered Charity with its registered office in Chorley, Lancashire. Linkability will assist people with learning difficulties get homes, care and support. In November 2009 it established a branch office in Heywood, developing existing and new services for RMBC.

We do this in partnership with health, Social Services, housing providers and other local voluntary faith organisations.

Linkability is committed to providing the very best care or personal support required in order to meet the needs of people using its services it achieves this by making sure staff are well trained to the specific needs of the people concerned.

When someone comes to us requesting our help, we listen to the views of the person needing that help, the views of the people who know them well and views of the people who care for them most. Collectively we produce a ‘person centred’ plan for care and support.

Linkability helps people with learning disabilities to live their own lives by:

  • helping people find accommodation in partnership with Housing Providers
  • care and personal support
  • tailored to individuals
  • located near to where people want to live
  • This can be in or around Chorley, South Ribble and The Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale

Linkability have dedicated staff working with individuals, groups and organisations concerned for:

  • individuals with disabilities
  • their families
  • Health Authorities and health workers
  • Social Services
  • the voluntary sector

Real Stories


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Jane & Tom Jones in Blackpool

Jane’s Trip to Blackpool

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Andrew’s Bench Project

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